Engine Hoist 2Ton Engine Lifter 2000lbs Inc Engine Stand 2000lbs & Engine Leveller  JL-E03012-SetD
Engine Hoist 2Ton Engine Lifter 2000lbs Inc Engine Stand 2000lbs & Engine Leveller JL-E03012-SetD
Product Code: JL-E03012-SetD
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Engine Hoist JL-03012

Capacity:2000kgs Single Pump with Safety Valve. Lifting Range: 25-2210mm 

Engine Leveller  JL-04200 - Capacity 2000lbs -908kgs  (The Leveller is almost a must have for the machine. - Great Deal)

Engine stand  JL-E02200 - Capacity 2000lbs 980kg Folding Leg Supports (6 castors) 

The Folding Legs of the Engine Stand allow for great stabilty when deployed and easy storage when not in use.

Specifically designed to stay up right when stored... this Hoist  will not fall over and damage your Pride and Joy(Most damage happens in the work shop !!)

The support legs fold back upon themselves and are secured by galvanized pins. This allows the folded machine to be safely stored away.

The 2000lbs Engine Support Stand will turn a cumbersome job into a piece of cake.

This Stand has 6 x 70mm Castors

About the Hoisr....

With an 8 ton Hydraulic Ram this lifter has all the grunt that you need.

The Hydraulic Ram is supplied with its own operating handle.

The Boom Is adjustable as per the markings to suit various weights of engine.... with markings from 2000 kg down to 500 kg

The galvanized chain and hook with clip allow you to attach many different types of gear to your hoist .

Fitted with six (6) robust Cast Steel Wheels that will not flat spot on your garage floor and allow easy movement of the rig... both when loaded up and when empty.

When you have completed your purchase you may wish to call us to ensure that the units will fit into your vehicle.

Carton Sizes are : 

Carton # 1 ; 890x580x90 (mm) Weight (27kg)

Carton # 2 : 1550x320x165 (mm) Weight (61kg)

(Total Mini Pallet is 0.45 m3 and 120 kgs)

Leveller and Engine Stand are Included 

If we are delivering to your location , please also note that some lifting may be required when off loading the unit.

For Commercial as well as home use... this lifter will be an asset in your workshop for many years to come.

Assembly is required, and the instruction leaflet is very comprehensive.

SPECIAL NOTE : All Units require shipping unless you are picking up from our Depot. Please use the email / contact us facilty when going through Check out to enquire about this.

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