Motorcycle Storage Dolly - TLMD03
Motorcycle Storage Dolly - TLMD03
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Motorcycle Dolly - 570Kg or 1250lbs. 

At last...Move That Bike Easily in and out of your garage or parking spot. 

This Dolly will allow you to safely store your Motorcycle or Scooter in a confined space, turn it easily around to get out of the space and easily manoeuvre within a workshop environment. 
Great for those tight showrooms and also allows dealers to move the stock around quickly and safely. 
Supplied as a Self assembly kit and manufactured from 4mm Steel Plate, Powdered Coated for protection. 
All bolts and fittings are Zinc Coated for protection. 

The Side Stand Tab is easily adjusted to suit different sized bikes. 

Your Bike or your showroom will be safer with this accessory. 

The twin tyre Nylon wheels will not Flat spot and are made with quality swivel bearings to easily turn around. 
there are 5 sets of wheels in total to allow easy movement. 

Great for your Classic, Vintage Or modern motorbike. 

Self Assembly Kit to allow free stand storage of Motor Cycle, on Castors for easy movement in your storage area. 
The Kit is heavy gauge steel, over 35kgs in the kit...hence the relatively high freight charges 

Length when assembled : 2.070 M 
Width Of Channel : 250mm 
Depth of Side Stand Tab: 610mm (Note the Side Stand Tab can be moved forwards or backwards to suit your Bike) 

Bikes kindly loaned by Holeshot Motor Cycles of Barrys Point Road, Takapuna and Cyclespot Group of Barrys Point Road Takapuna. 

Have a look at the You Tube Video here to see the item in action:


• Easily move your bike around your shop with 360 degrees of mobility
• Fully welded heavy-duty steel frame construction
• Capacity - 1250 lbs.
• Channel length 78.75" 
• Max tire width 200mm
• 30.5" at widest point
• Max length 97"
• Inside width of channel 8"
• Casters are 2" diameter wheels
• 3.675" high
• Clearance underneath is 1.5"
• Steel frame is 1/8" thick
• Weighs 70 lbs
• Shipping dimensions L 44 x W 17 x H 6

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