FP-04A Flagpole 8Ft Angled with Bracket
FP-04A Flagpole 8Ft Angled with Bracket
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2.4m aluminium angled flapole with angle bracket and free New Zealand Flag.

The flag size is 1.5m x .90m

The product is 2.4m (8ft) Aluminium Flagpole which is supplied together with an angled wall bracket.
This bracket allows the pole to be mounted on the side of a building/wall and to act as a banner pole.
The pole is supplied with silver ceremonial topper ball as well as very strong perspex swinging brackets that allow the flag to hang from aluminium carabineer clips.
Although pre-drilled for position, the lower swinging bracket can be repositioned to allow for different size flags should the customer so desire.

The angled bracket is powder coated in silver to match the flagpole.
The bracket is supplied with a removable pin to allow the pole to be easily dismounted should you wish to store it away.
The bracket is supplied with 4 mounting screws and plugs.
The pole is 38mm anodised aluminium. It is supplied in two halves which lock together on a keyway to make up a solid pole.
The shipper carton size is 1.26m x 75mm x 75mm.
Weight: 1.9Kg
Aluminium flagpole - 8Ft with silver ball and angled bracket.
Includes NZ flag and plastic securing eyelets clips with stainless clips.
Mounting screws and plugs included.

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